PROFIS Engineering Training Material

Check out our list of introduction modules and how-to-videos


  • Tutorial video for PROFIS Engineering set-up

    Learn how to set-up PROFIS Engineering so that you can make the most of all its features and understand how to customize your settings.

Concrete Design Training

  • Tutorial video for the anchoring-to-concrete design module

    Learn how to use the concrete design module.

  • Find out how to design concrete over metal deck

    Learn how to design an anchor connection for concrete over metal deck.

  • Find out how to design an anchor for concrete

    Learn how to design an anchor to concrete connection.

MASONRY Design Training

  • Tutorial video for the masonry design module

    Learn how to use the module for masonry design.


  • Find out how to perform a baseplate analysis

    Learn how to work with the PROFIS Engineering baseplate analysis module.


  • RAM structural design software integration

    Tackle all your anchor design projects with minimal effort and maximum accuracy through Hilti PROFIS Engineering Suite.

  • Revit integration

    Learn how to integrate PROFIS Engineering to Revit.


  • SAP2000

    Learn how to upload multiple load combinations from SAP2000 structural design software.


    Learn how to upload multiple load combinations from ETABSs structural design software.


    Learn how to upload multiple load combinations from ROBOT structural design software.


    Learn how to upload multiple load combinations from STAAD.Pro structural design software.

  • RISA Connection

    Learn how to upload multiple load combinations from RISA Connection structural design software.

PROFIS Engineering Tips

  • Anchor selection

    PROFIS Engineering includes tools to help you select the right anchors for your applications. Learn about the Smart Base Plate selector and other tools to help you pick the most appropriate anchor for your designs.

  • Sharing projects

    With PROFIS Engineering, you can collaborate quicker and easier with others on your projects by sharing files. Learn how to share projects with those in your office.

  • Saving templates

    Do you have common base plate configurations that you design often? Learn how to create templates from your most used base plate configurations. Using templates will help you to start your most common applications in just a few clicks.

  • Setting defaults

    Let us help you get everything set up to get you designing your anchors in PROFIS Engineering. Setting your defaults allows you to start each project with the settings you prefer such as the design code and units that you like best.

  • Creating report templates

    Setting up report templates will allow you to create professional calculation packages for your anchoring projects with the level of detail you prefer quicker and easier.

  • Load engine

    PROFIS Engineering Suite includes a load engine that allows you to calculate multiple load cases at one time. Learn how use the many tools for entering loads in PROFIS Engineering to design with multiple load combinations.

  • Desktop icon

    Do you miss the desktop icon that you double click to launch your software? Learn how to quickly create a desktop icon for PROFIS Engineering.

  • Custom base plates and anchor configurations

    PROFIS Engineering is pre-loaded with standard base plates and anchors that meet most of your applications. However, PROFIS Engineering also allows you to design with custom anchor layouts and custom base plates.

  • Anchor filtering

    PROFIS Engineering includes filters to help with you anchor selection. Learn how to use these filters to make sure your anchors are appropriate for your application.

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