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PROFIS Engineering Suite

Now introducing the NEW! Diaphragm Design Module to streamline your metal deck projects

Optimize your fastening pattern and help reduce your design time for your steel decking projects with the newly enhanced Diaphragm Design module, now available in PROFIS Engineering Software Suite to help you reduce labor and materials costs and design more productively.

PROFIS Engineering Suite is a user-friendly, cloud-based application that helps make designing connections easier for everyone.

Application Modules and Features

Anchoring to concrete

Design complex and day-to-day structural baseplate connections

  • Perform analysis of the complete connections including post-installed anchors, baseplate and welds easier
  • More easily model, calculate and generate reports for the complete connection
  • Generate a customized report complete with code references, calculations, product information and images.
  • Create your own templates to help reduce design time on similar projects

Concrete to concrete

Design code compliant post-installed rebar connections

  • Model applications for slab/wall extensions, structural joints, or concrete overlays
  • Various application methods including ACI/CSA development length, lap splices and anchoring to concrete provisions
  • Shear resistance verification at the interface using ACI shear friction or research based methods 
  • Post-installed reinforcing bar design for fire conditions

Anchoring to masonry

Design anchors into masonry

  • Select from multiple masonry types such as grout filled or hollow concrete masonry units and brick. Intuitive built-in templates for anchor layout using a baseplate or ledger angle. Let the software help you with your design, considering the various design parameters using ASD or LRFD loads.
  • Select from multiple sizes and types of brick or concrete masonry units, adjust their layout and define whether grout is present

Concrete over metal deck

Design anchors in the top and the soffit of concrete over metal deck

  • Perform analysis of the complete anchor and baseplate connection into the top of the concrete over metal deck 
  • Design anchors into the soffit or underside of the concrete over metal deck

Diaphragm Design

Design fasteners for metal roof and floor deck

  • Design with multiple mechanical fastener types and welds for metal deck attachment
  • Compare fastening methods side-by-side to select the better fastening solution for your steel deck projects
  • Find the best-suited fastener for your application and utilize the full Hilti system for greater productivity and performance
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SEP 12, 2023 @ 11:00 am


Roof Deck Connections & the Factors that Affect Performance

Join us as we identify different metal deck connection types and discuss their limitations while bringing awareness to a more consistent and reliable fastening approach. Upon completion, we will have covered:

  • Identifying the factors influencing metal deck diaphragm design
  • Exploring the field and jobsite conditions affecting welding performance
  • Comparing the consistency of deck connection types
  • Understanding the working principles of mechanical fasteners

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Import design loads from the most common structural analysis software packages

✔ Save up to 10 minutes per design

✔ Direct integration with RAM, RISA, STAAD.Pro, ETABS, SAP2000, and ROBOT

✔ Excel import capable 




Comprehensive anchor, baseplate and rebar design

✔ Save up to 60 minutes per design

✔ Select from multiple load combinations and base materials

✔ Design post installed rebar with model code compliant design methods and new alternative research-based design methods. Profis Engineering concrete-to-concrete design module is here to help tackle your toughest design scenarios

✔ Analyze your baseplate thickness using AISC DG1 or finite element analysis




BIM / CAD Exports

✔ Save up to 15 minutes per design export

✔ Base plate configurations to REVIT and TEKLA using the direct plug-in.

✔ CAD exporting capable

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Code Compliant Design (ACI & CSA)

Post installed anchors

Cast-in anchors

Post-installed rebar

Smart Anchor Plate Selector




Structural Connection Applications

Anchoring to Concrete

Anchoring to Masonry

Anchoring to Concrete over metal deck

Concrete to Concrete

Post-installed rebar fire design











Detailed Design Report

Customized Report with Company Logo

Import/Export to Trimble Connect

Export to BIM/CAD

Export to Revit Plugin





Baseplate Design


Finite Element Analysis

Customize Stiffeners & Weld Design



Productivity Features

Multiple Load Combinations

Customized Design Templates

Project Folder Sharing

Load Combination Engine








Import Loads from 3rd Party Software

RAM Structural System


RISA Connection




SAP 2000










Diaphragm Design for metal deck attachment

Mutiple deck panel types from different manufacturers

Most common support construction - steel joists and beams

Up to 10 zones per project area

Design with mechanical fasteners and puddle welds

Optimize design for gauge, pattern, fastener type, sidelap connector

Comparison tool for multiple design solutions

Deflection calculation option

Fastener estimation option


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