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Work faster. Work longer. Work smarter.

Connecting tools and teams to increase efficiency

Tight timelines are part of the job. With Nuron, your crews get powerful, connected tools with enhanced safety and services. They can do more work with less downtime and less risk of injury, while also helping your business save time and money.

How can Nuron help speed up your projects?

30 %

with an SID 6-22 impact driver. 30% faster trigger = 30% more screws driven per hour = 30% faster tasks.

12 minutes

from a 20% increase in power. Many Nuron tools deliver 70%-300% more power than previous models.

30 %

with the SID 6-22 impact driver. That's at least one less trip to the charger for every 5-hour task.

50 %

with cloud-connected services. Find hoarded tools and get them where they're needed in half the time.

* All figures approximate and based on our own research; results will vary

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Boost project performance

Nuron helps construction crews and management teams work more efficiently

With up to 2x the power and 3x the run time of other 22V batteries, Nuron delivers onsite performance comparable to corded and gas tools.

You'll manage projects more efficiently, too. Simply charging a battery can unlock data-driven services that help you

  • Locate tools
  • Identify underperforming batteries
  • Streamline operations.

Drive productivity

With just a pair of batteries and a set of tool bodies, a worker can cut track, fasten it to the floor, assemble studs, hang drywall and make cutouts – all without leaving the work area. 

WATCH: BX 3-22 concrete nailer quick-start guide

Reduce risk

Enhanced safety solutions include integrated dust control systems and technologies that help lower the risk of angle grinder kickback. Lighter, more ergonomic tools with high power-to-weight ratios help reduce fatigue and increase worker comfort.

Discover Nuron's health and safety benefits

Minimize downtime

Tool Fleet and ON!Track customers unlock an expanding range of premium cloud-connected services with Nuron.

  • Check battery health and order replacements
  • Quickly locate missing equipment
  • Identify under-used and hoarded tools
  • Receive automated certification and safety alerts 
Discover the Fleet + ON!Track difference

We'll help ensure a smooth transition to Nuron

Whether you already use our tools or are new to Hilti, we'll develop a tailored Nuron transition plan that best suits your needs and your schedule. From on-site visits, training and dial-in support, we’ll provide the help you need so your teams can keep working during implementation.

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