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Tool Fleet Management

Better control of your tools and your costs

What is Hilti Tool Fleet Management?

Hilti Tool Fleet Management is a usage model with no hidden costs. Simply put, you pay for the use of the tools with a low monthly rate that covers everything to keep those tools where they belong — on the job and working.

We’ll take an in-depth look into your processes to discover the hidden costs of your tool crib and give you the transparency to help build optimal tool crib and tool management processes.

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With Hilti's Tool Fleet Management service, productivity leads to profitability

The need for achieving more productivity in construction continues to grow with increased material costs and a shortage of skilled labor. Created with your needs in mind, Hilti Tool Services, including Tool Fleet Management, focus on delivering greater productivity gains, better cost control and simplified solutions to help manage your workforce and your jobsites. 

What's included?

How Hilti's Tool Fleet Management Program works

Choose from a wide selection of tools, and to help keep you working at peak performance, we help you track, repair, replace, and upgrade your tools at no additional cost. 

At the end of the Fleet term, return the tools for new ones. 

By cycling out your Fleet tools and replacing them on a regular schedule, you will constantly have the latest and greatest in tool technology, helping increase productivity and profitability.

Fixed monthly costs

  • Low monthly usage fee replaces a large upfront cash investment when adding tools to your fleet
  • Predictable cost every month
  • Quick and easy process to add tools

All inclusive repairs*

  • No more repair costs or quotes
  • High quality tool repairs with a one-day turnaround time (excluding shipping)

*Some limitations apply. Contact Hilti for details.

Learn more about tool repair

Theft coverage**

  • Help limit financial exposure in the event of a theft
  • Once a police report is made, Hilti covers 80% of the remaining payments

**Customer is responsible for 20 percent or the remaining payments plus non-collection fee.

Custom invoices

  • Cost breakdown by tool assignment (i.e. per job) for easy cost allocation at no additional cost

Tools on Demand

As a value-added service of Hilti Fleet Management, our Tools On Demand program optimizes your company’s tool inventory to help overcome the costs of project-related tool needs.

Learn more about Tools on Demand

Support circularity

Circularity is a crucial part of your sustainability journey because it focuses on generating maximum value from a minimum use of raw materials and resources.

Learn how we reduce, reuse and recycle returned Fleet tools
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Hilti Tool Services

Solution-driven services to help maximize productivity

In addition to Tool Fleet Management, Hilti also offers ON!Track Asset Management while providing industry leading warranty and repair services.

By taking advantage of our portfolio of services, we can help you optimize and streamline your tool crib, digitalize the way your tools and assets are managed, and help minimize costs and boost overall productivity.

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