BIM-to-Field Solutions

Accurately translate your digital plans to the jobsite

As more workflows are digitized, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and digital design are becoming standard across the construction landscape.

Translating digital plans to reality on the jobsite is not always a straightforward process. That's where Hilti comes in — we help simplify your digital journey.

Whether you are working with traditional paper plans or are looking for a technology to autonomously drill holes, or somewhere in between, Hilti's BIM-to-Field solutions can help fill the gap.

PMD 200 2D Layout

Layout with precision

Does your multi-person crew rely on traditional paper plans, tape measures and speed squares for layout? The PMD 200 is the first step toward digitalizing this labor intensive and error-prone workflow.

The PMD 200 allows for one-person layout on the jobsite, even when it comes to more complex projects. This means a second crew member is freed up for other tasks — a big plus when you're pushing to complete projects on time and within budget. 

Robotic Total Stations

Calculated accuracy, productivity, and control

Robotic total stations like the PLT 400 layout tool have helped turn the slow and error-prone two-person task of laying out formwork, cast-in devices, anchor points, slopes or interior wall partitions into a routine job for a single worker. Designed with construction layout crews in mind, the intuitive user interface removes the complexity of operating a total station, with implementation in as little as one day.

Hilti Jaibot

Drilling robot with greater speed and safety

A semi-automated drilling technology, the Hilti Jaibot takes your BIM-to-Field journey to the next level. By using the detailed design of your overhead installation needs, the Jaibot simplifies the task of coordinating multiple trades across the jobsite. The Jaibot lays out, drills and identifies each hole with a trade specific mark, opening the door to additional prefabrication and increased productivity.