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Mass Timber Construction on the Rise

Customers turn to Hilti for mass timber solutions

Mass timber construction has been on the rise in recent years thanks to its many features, such as smaller carbon footprints, faster construction times, and the ability to do more on-site fabrication.

As a result, Hilti is focusing on how to better support this construction type and has become a leader in innovative and efficient pre-fabricated solutions while offering greater options for the firestopping needs of complex mass timber projects.

In addition to this, with the publication of Technical Report 070 (TR070) and ETA 19/0194 it is now possible to use HILTI HIT-RE 500 V3 in glued-in rod (GIR) connections for mass timber construction.

Firestop support and solutions

Firestop is often an important design consideration in mass timber projects. Passive fire protection is vital for creating a safer and model code-compliant building. Hilti offers a variety of solutions that can be installed in pre-fabricated timber elements. This means you can install firestop in pre-fabricated timber elements before they leave the factory — helping to reduce construction time on site by as much as half.

Firestop in mass timber testing

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Model building codes require firestop systems to be tested and approved and all firestop systems must be based on testing. Until recently, there were no listed firestop systems for mass timber in North America, and engineering judgments were frequently needed to address mass wood timber firestop applications.

Hilti is the first organization in the world to develop listed and certified firestop systems in cross-laminated timber (CLT) in accordance with ASTM and UL standards. Our extensive testing data in mass timber, along with successful testing of firestop solutions in CLT at Intertek, has paved the way for Intertek listed systems.

Hilti now has five firestop Listings for Mass Timber in Accordance with ASTM E814/UL 1479. These through penetration systems include testing for metallic pipes, nonmetallic pipes, cables and HVAC lines.

Learn more about industry first mass timber firestop listings

Download the new mass timber listings

HI/PF 120-07 – Through-penetration firestop system DWG PDF
HI/PF 120-08 – Through-penetration firestop system DWG PDF
HI/PF 120-09 – Through-penetration firestop system DWG
HI/PF 120-10 – Through-penetration firestop system DWG PDF
HI/PF 120-11 – Through-penetration firestop system DWG PDF

Firestop products

CP 653 Speed Sleeve

Good for firestopping cable penetrations for single and bundled cables, and superior smoke tightness and airflow control thanks to its twisting mechanism

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FS-ONE MAX Firestop Intumescent Sealant

High-performance intumescent sealant for sealing most common through penetrations in a variety of base materials, including mass timber.

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Fastening solutions for mass timber construction

Dowelling into timber with adhesive to facilitate connections with steel, concrete or other timber structures has never been easier than now.

Helping to enable our customers to be more productive with a faster and simpler installation connecting Glued Laminated Timber (GLT), Glued Solid Timber, Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), Laminated Veneer Lumber (LV), and steel elements such as threaded rods and rebar.

Hilti's HIT-RE 500 V3 may be used in structural mass timber connections, such as: beam-to-column, column-to-column, wood-to-steel, and wood-to-concrete.

Hilti's RE 500 V3 in Mass Timber

Wood to Concrete Connection

Hilti’s HIT-RE 500 V3 can be used for post-installed dowels into timber in wood-to-concrete column connections.

Wood to Wood Connection

Hilti’s HIT-RE 500 V3 can be used for post-installed dowels into timber in wood-to-wood column and beam connections.

Wood to Steel Connection

HIT-RE 500 V3 can be used for post-installed dowels into timber in steel-to-wood connections.

The power of cordless

Hilti’s state-of-the-art cordless tools are perfect for tackling mass timber projects with added safety and mobility thanks to the elimination of power cords. Some of our newest cordless saws and drills are a perfect complement to your mass timber construction needs.

Cordless Dispenser HDE 500-22

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Cordless orbital jigsaw SJT 6-22

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Cordless drill driver SF 6H-22 with Active Torque Control

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Additional Resources

Thanks to the on-site support from our firestop engineers, we help reduce risk and increase productivity during construction. We test our firestop range with custom solutions from leading wood manufacturers. This helps customers worldwide to build in accordance with project requirements.