Hilti Unveils New Products

Focused on increased Safety and Efficiency During COVID-19 Recovery

  • Hilti adds interior layout solution that helps reduce the need for manpower intensive layout tasks   
  • New cordless metalworking tool suitable for a variety of application
  • Introducing a “smart” diamond coring system


PLANO, TexasJuly 23, 2020 Hilti North America, a commercial construction-focused technology, software and services company, has launched a suite of new tools, systems and accessories. The new lineup includes the PMD 200 jobsite layout solution, which shifts the boundary for productivity and allows faster work, with potentially less employees. Simultaneously, Hilti is bringing forth new solutions that help contractors further enable digital transformation and expand cordless flexibility on jobsites with the release of a “smart” diamond coring system, and an adaptable metalworking tool.   



The PMD 200 is an addition to Hilti’s layout tool portfolio, designed specifically for North American interior jobsite layout applications. Powered by Hilti’s 12V batteries, the tool bridges traditional and digital solutions and represents a powerful alternative to the time and labor-intensive methods used for layout today. It was designed to give customers the accuracy and productivity benefits of a digital solution without the added complexity of having to manage AutoCad data or change existing workflows. This new solution is easier to understand and therefore a virtually non-intrusive alternative to traditional jobsite layout methods.  



The diamond core drilling system DD 150-U now has enhancements to make diamond coring even easier. The core motor offers complete versatility to perform a wide variety of coring applications such as through penetrations and blind holes either handheld or rig mounted. The new digital display on the tool indicates the ideal amount of pressure required to core efficiently, guidance on what gear should be selected base on core bit diameter as well as a digital level enabling complete control of application and allowing operators to core more efficiently. You can also use the screen to view operation modes and time of tool usage. The tool has Bluetooth connectivity which pairs with our WMS 100 BLE water management system. This feature controls the WMS 100 BLE directly from the DD 150, and allows operators to manage the status of the water management system. You can connect the tool to our Hilti Connect App and download helpful data such as tool usage modes, gear selections, repair statistics, and user instructions.



Whether a user is deburring and beveling or grinding and polishing, Hilti’s new cordless die grinder GDG-A22 has it covered. With innovative, compact design and a powerful, brushless motor, it offers the ability to work in tight spaces while freeing you from the trip hazard of cords and hoses. The grinder is fully compatible with all Hilti’s 22V battery platform and is the perfect addition to your tool crib with a variable speed dial, making it suitable for different metal types. Compatible with industry standard 1/4” wheels, burrs, blades, and brushes, it provides the most flexibility in the hardest to reach spaces.



Introducing Hilti’s chamfer grinding shroud for the professional diamond finishing grinder DGH 130, with easy attachment, the shroud is the ideal solution for grinding the edges of columns and walls in a productive, accurate, and virtually dust-free manner. Simply choose a horizontal or vertical orientation to grind, choose the appropriate chamfer width clip, and attach the shroud. Hilti offers ½”, ¾” 1”, and 1-1/2” clips to achieve the desired finished chamfer width. For an even smoother finish, Hilti also developed the turbo cup wheel for angle grinders with continuous rim segment, to use with the shroud or as an intermediate step from a segmented cup wheel to the finishing pads offered for the DGH 130. The professional diamond grinder DGH 130 with the new chamfer shroud and turbo cup wheel will help tackle the toughest diamond grinding and finishing jobs.



Gone are the days of sitting under the anchor point and rotating the threaded rod into place. The new Kwik Cast Connect (KCC) cast-in-place anchors continue to enhance Hilti’s innovative portfolio on cast-in anchors, including Kwik Cast KCM which launched in 2019. Kwik Cast Connect anchors are ideal for contractors installing pre-assembled hanger assemblies and allows users to push the threaded rod into the anchor for quick and easy installation. They are available in 3/8” and 1/2” anchor diameters. It’s easy, just push to connect.



If you are looking for an anchor to provide a beautiful flush finish for an exposed application, the new KH-EZ C countersunk screw anchors are the perfect solution. Available in 1/4" and 3/8” diameters, the KH-EZ C screw anchors offer versatility, durability and ease of use, fitting a wide variety of applications from handrails to glass shoe attachment. For those applications where a washer and anchor are typically needed, reach for the Hilti KH-EZ PM and KH-EZ PL pan head screw anchors. These medium (PM) and large (PL) pan head screws help eliminate fumbling with multiple components to anchor during installment, along with providing an oversized washer head to fasten a multitude of fixtures to concrete or grout-filled CMU. With the Torx pattern built into the head design for quick and easy installation, the new KH-EZ C, PM, and PL screw anchors were manufactured with perceptive design to fit into tight spaces effortlessly.



When it comes to stock removal, beveling, weld removal, blending and polishing, and more, Hilti has it covered with the all new Flap Disc, Fiber Disc and Abrasive Belt portfolio. With productivity and high performance in mind, Hilti’s new tiered portfolio allows you to choose the level of performance based on your needs. Choose between Ultimate SPX for fast material removal, long life and great finish quality, Premium SP for a great balance of speed and durability, or Standard P for convenience in grinding. These new lines complete Hilti’s recently launched cutting and grinding portfolio, with best-in-class performance. Hilti has a complete metal cutting, grinding and finishing abrasive solutions to get the job done.



When ultimate gearing and electronic technology meets a brushless motor – introducing cordless angle grinder AG 4S-A22. Now available with a 5” disc option for your metal working jobs. This grinder is the perfect addition to a tool crib. The variable speed dial and disc options allow for precision in unique applications like cutting, grinding, smoothing and finishing across a variety of materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, concrete, and other mineral surfaces. Additionally, this grinder is fully compatible with all Hilti’s 22V battery platform. With its innovative, comfortable grip and ergonomic design, you can count on this tool to get the job done efficiently.



Developed for speedy installation, the firestop, smoke, and sound seals CFS-TTS R OS and CFS-TTS 212 enhances the portfolio of Hilti’s Top Track offering, including the Metal Deck version launched at the beginning of 2020which are for use in head-of-wall joints between top track and gypsum to concrete slabs. Top Track Seal CFS-TTS R OS is a flexible solution for various track sizes and wall conditions. It was created for use with uncovered or exposed joints where aesthetics and appearance are especially important. Top Track Seal CFS-TTS 212 is specifically designed for 2-1/2” track widths and is ideal for residential wall partitions. With the ability to be installed at time of track attachment and with no added mineral wool needed, the speed of install and firestopping can help keep your time sensitive projects on track.



Cordless rivet tool RT 6-A22 is another addition to Hilti’s 22V battery platform. The tool is ideal for a wide range of applications covering industrial and installation jobs that require blind rivets or pop rivets from 3/32” to 3/16” in diameter. In closing, the Hilti RT-6 will help increase productivity and efficiency if your job requires rivet fastening. It is lightweight, ergonomically designed, and helps you install rivets up to 3/16” both AL and SS with minimal effort and time. It has sturdy wear parts and a brushless motor which makes it a durable tool.



Hilti’s new drywall screwdriver SD 5000-A22 has been optimized with a brushless motor allowing for increased setting speeds while maintaining market leading torque. It’s fully compatible with all Hilti’s 22V battery platform. Additionally, it’s more than ½ pound lighter and has an added an LED light. Combine the drywall screwdriver with Hilti’s collated screw magazine SD-M2 for a premium lightweight system for hanging drywall fast. 



*Tool warranty. Some limitations apply. Contact Hilti for details.

Dedicated to helping customers improve productivity, Hilti offers innovative tools for professionals including the best warranty and services in the industry. Hilti tools are backed by an industry best Tool Warranty – 20 years of repair or replacement of defective parts; two years no cost repair including wear and tear; and a guaranteed one-day turn-around on repairs – and are fully available for those customers experiencing the unprecedented flexibility and service of Hilti Tool Fleet Management.

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