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Direct Fastening Elements

Find out about the full range of fastening elements available – developed specifically to increase productivity in many common fixing tasks

Cable Fasteners
Show me cable fasteners for installing single and bundled cables on concrete, steel or masonry using direct fastening tools
Conduit Clips/Clamps
Show me conduit fasteners for installing electrical conduits, water and heating pipes on concrete, steel or masonry using direct fastening tools
Ceiling Wires, Clips & Rod Hangers for Electrical Applications
Show me ceiling wires, ceiling clips and threaded rod hangers for fastening light-duty overhead mechanical/electrical installations
Cable & Conduit Suspensions
Show me cable management designed for direct fastening tools, including MC cable stackers and data hooks
Bridle Rings
Show me bridle rings with pre-assembled baseplates – a much faster solution for supporting low-voltage cables overhead using direct fastening tools
Drop Rods
Show me smooth and threaded drop rods with pre-assembled hangers – a much faster solution for hanging cables and conduits overhead using direct fastening tools
Suspended Ceiling Clips
Show me ceiling clips, rod hangers and other fasteners for drop ceiling installation using direct fastening tools
Wall & Formwork Fasteners
Show me wall construction fasteners designed to position and secure formwork or wall elements more reliably
Grating & Checker Plate Fasteners
Show me alternatives to welding for installing platform grating and checker plate on steel structures
Other Elements
Show me application-specific fastening elements – such as soft washers for fastening drainage membrane, or shear connectors for composite beams

Electrical Fasteners

Elements designed to fasten cables and conduits to both concrete and steel

Hilti’s wide selection of electrical fasteners covers applications such as securing conduit and switchboxes, fastening cables and light fixtures, and suspending conduit and cable from rods and wires.

Our portfolio of electrical fasteners is compatible with both powder and battery-actuated systems.

Ceiling Clips and Drop Rods

Ceiling Clips and Drop Rods

Used to hang bundled cables and conduits from ceiling. Compatible with various elements from the main mid and low-voltage applications, including data hooks and batwing clips.

Cable Fasteners

Cable Fasteners

Used to hang and attach low and mid-voltage cables.

Conduit Fasteners

Conduit Fasteners

Used to hang and attach EMT conduits.

BX 3-ME 02

22V Cordless nailer for electrical and mechanical applications. Combustion-free direct fastening battery-actuated tool for high-quality, more reliable, and quieter fastening on concrete and steel.

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DX 351 M+E

Powder-actuated tool for mechanical and electrical applications. Fully automatic and highly productive powder-actuated tool that is light, low recoil, and low noise for fastening to steel and concrete.

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