Advancing the formwork application

Helping you increase productivity and revenue

The formwork application has many steps, and with that comes many opportunities to simplify, speed up and even eliminate steps. Our battery powered NCV 10-22 Cordless concrete vibrator and NCV 4-22 Cordless pencil concrete vibrator have no gas fumes and no cords to hold, virtually eliminating the need for a second crew member when vibrating concrete.

We partner with you to help you get the most out of every man-hour through the use of our cordless tools, innovative solutions and direct assistance. You can rest assured we will be there for you each step of the way.

Layout done faster

Helping turn a two-person job into a one-person job

Be guided to layout locations quicker and more accurately with the high performance of our PLT 400 total station, PLC 600 layout tablet and Hilti construction layout software. Hilti's Digital Construction Consultants can partner with you in the process to help ensure you receive the support you need.

You can also start your formwork application by laying out your construction site with the help of Hilti's PR 30-HVS A12 outdoor rotating laser level with automatic vertical alignment and dial-in slope functions. This outdoor laser also helps with horizontal leveling and squaring, making your formwork application that much easier. 

Giving you the edge on formwork prep

Helping keep formwork prep safer

Choose from a variety of circular and reciprocating saws as you prepare your boards, beams and rebar. Look for comprehensive safety features such as Advanced Vibration Reduction (AVR) and rapid blade break to help minimize hazards from sawing on your construction site.

We have you covered with a range of inserts and blades to help you complete your formwork application with precision and speed. With Hilti Replenish, save time having items automatically ordered and delivered at predetermined periods set by you.

Faster Formwork attachment

From form stops to formwork props

Our TE portfolio, including the TE 5-22 cordless rotary hammer, has the power needed to drill holes through wood and concrete to secure your formwork structure. Our compact TE 2-22 rotary hammer will help you get to those tight spots. For fastening your form stops to concrete up to five times faster than conventional methods, use the DX 6-F8 powder-actuated tool.

Using Hilti's Kwik HUS screw anchors in conjunction with our cordless impact wrenches will make quick work of anchoring your formwork material. Our Kwik HUS screw anchors are reusable up to 20 times, reducing waste and helping you cut costs.


Worker using the NCV Cordless concrete vibrator indoors, vibrating a strip of concrete, free of gas fumes.


We have the cure

Tackle the toughest concrete pours with Hilti’s new cordless NCV 10-22 concrete vibrator. Powered by the Nuron battery platform, the NCV 10-22 uses two batteries to perform your heaviest duty concrete vibration needs. Help ensure a cordless jobsite using the B 22-255 batteries for maximum run-time or the B 22-170 batteries for a lower weight option. Working at a rate of 12,000 vibrations per minute, our high cycle, motor-in-head design allows for better ergonomics, easy mobility on the jobsite, and a battery-life that lasts.

Before concrete is poured and vibrated, remember to place your Hilti Concrete Sensors. Updates on concrete temperature and strength are collected every 15 minutes. This gives you real-time data needed to make informed decisions, so you can move on with the rest of the job right away.

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The power to remove imperfections

Chiseling and grinding — a joint effort

When shoring is pulled, remove larger concrete protrusions from wall joints by chiseling with the powerful TE 5-22 cordless rotary hammer. While grinding away smaller material, enjoy the safety features of our cordless angle grinders such as Active Torque Control (ATC) for improved protection from kickback if the disc gets stuck.

Hilti partners with you by helping ensure you have the tools you need working at peak performance through Hilti's Tool Fleet Management Program. With our help you can track, repair and replace tools as needed to help ensure your jobsite runs smoothly and on time.

Advanced Layout

Setup on site more quickly with one button operation, self-leveling and automatic calibration features. Hilti's digital layout work packages help turn a two-person job into a one-person job. 

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PROFIS Engineering Suite

When you're starting from the ground up, start with PROFIS to help eliminate rework during your building process. PROFIS helps make designing connections easier and is compatible with BIM.

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We know how important it is to keep projects running smoothly and on time. Hilti's 20-2-1 Warranty helps keep your projects on target. 

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