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Rotating Lasers

Find out how our rotating laser levels are designed to be robust and easy to use for long-distance leveling, aligning, squaring and slope tasks

Find out how our rotating laser levels are designed to be robust and easy to use for long-distance leveling, aligning, squaring and slope tasks

Rotating Lasers

30 Years pioneering laser measuring precision

Measure and layout your projects with more speed and accuracy with reliable Hilti lasers you can count on. Hilti rotating lasers can endure the tougher jobsite conditions with unmatched drop protection while helping simplify workflows, maximize labor hours, and drive more productivity on your jobsites.

With a budget-friendly price point and the service and support you can rely on, Hilti lasers are the smarter choice for builders who demand long-lasting value in their measuring tools.

Experience the precision of Hilti's Rotating Lasers

Backed by a reliable warranty, customer support, and calibration services. Experience our laser level solutions firsthand and shop now or scheduled a demo today, and let us show you how you can elevate your productivity with simplified, one-button precision.

PR 2-HS A12

Built to US Military standards, the PR 2-HS rotating laser offers lasting accuracy and PulsePower technology for daylight visibility. Our patented mineral compound cast safeguards sensitive components, while an internal damping system minimizes vibration for greater performance and precision.

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PR 30-HVSG A12

Elevate your indoor leveling with the PR 3-HVSG, a robust rotating laser built with laser class 2 green diode technology, providing up to 4 times better visibility. With auto-alignment, it provides faster, easier accuracy from up to 490 feet away.

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PR 30-HVS A12

Upgrade outdoor leveling with the PR 30-HVS, engineered to US military standards, this rotating laser offers more reliable inclining, grading, and formwork squaring,with operating range with laser receiver of up to 1640 ft.

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Red Rotating Lasers

Precision laser leveling for rough jobsites

While a damaged rotating laser level without drop-resistant technology might have you seeing red on your ledger sheet, Hilti exterior rotating laser levels will have you seeing red exactly where you expect it. On still-to-be-graded soils. Along the tops of leveled concrete forms, fencing and foundations. Even along the boundaries of slopes yet to be formed.

Green Rotating Lasers

Up to 4X greater visibility for interior applications

When working indoors makes it more difficult to read a red laser level, Hilti interior rotating laser levels use a green laser that is more visible to the naked eye under a broader range of conditions.