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Simpler, smarter alternatives to welding

Hilti mechanical fasteners for metal decking offer significant advantages—including rain-or-shine installation, simple visual inspection and a reliable connection that meets or exceeds codes code requirements. 

Efficiently attach metal decking to open web steel joists or structural steel without the complications of conventional methods. Using the industry-leading Hilti powder-actuated fastening system, you can install a variety of steel deck profiles in a fraction of the time.

Why Choose Mechanical Deck Fasteners?

Mechanical deck fasteners are more consistent and cost-efficient compared to conventional methods, such as puddle welding

Puddle welds vs Deck fasteners

graph: arc time vs weld strength

The human element

Research conducted by Virginia Tech colleagues Gregory L. Snow and W. Samuel Easterling found that arc time has a tremendous effect on weld strength (as represented in the graph above). Proper arc welding for steel deck spot welding takes an average of 8.1 seconds for a 5/8" puddle weld and 12.8 seconds for a 3/4" puddle weld. A lack of consistency in human performance for puddle welding in the field can result in significant reductions in weld strength.

a welder working on steel deck

Weld inspections

In reference to a typical weld inspection, an official in Vancouver said: “[I] check the puddle size. Not really anything else you can do.”

But because weld diameter is confirmed by a visual inspection, welders may increase the amperage on their equipment to achieve a bigger puddle—without ensuring proper fusion. Mechanical fasteners do not allow for this kind of manipulation.

Hilti mechanical deck fasteners are easy to inspect

Mechanical deck fasteners

When asked about Hilti mechanical deck fasteners, the same inspector said: “[I] check to see that the pins were installed into the steel below. Pins are better because they are verifiable.” 

Metal deck fastening applications

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Let the technical specialists at Hilti prepare a steel roof deck or concrete-filled floor deck submittal for your project. We will show you how a Hilti mechanical fastening system can satisfy your specification and exceed your expectations.

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SPECS / CAD Details

Help ensure your design is properly documented. Incorporate Hilti anchor, rebar, firestop, decking, modular systems and direct fastening products into your designs with our sample specifications and typical details.

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