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Boost project performance

Nuron delivers more cordless power and run time than ever before

Fasten track faster with one-shot, combustion-free nailing. Assemble studs up to 30% more productively with fewer trips to the job box. Whatever the project, you can boost its performance with Nuron, a 22V platform for all your projects.

Start saving time and money on all your projects

Less downtime

With up to 2x the power and 3x the run time of comparable cordless tools, your crews can do more work without stopping.

WATCH: BX 3-22 concrete nailer quick-start guide

Safer jobsites

Stay productive with dust control systems, improved tethering and technologies that help reduce jobsite injuries and fatigue.

WATCH: Touch-activated safety on the AG 6D-22 grinder

Easier management

Built-in battery diagnostics and cloud-based tool management services help you streamline construction projects.

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Minimize set-up time and delays

Nuron cordless tools help construction crews maximize their performance

Imagine how much time your crew could save completing all its projects without once setting up or changing power sources.

  • Increase flexibility: work anywhere without running cables
  • Increase productivity: fewer trips to the job box for your crew
  • Simplify operations: fewer batteries and chargers to manage
  • Simplify tool cribs: less reliance on corded and gas-powered tools
  • Reduce risks: no gas storage, no damaged power cords, no tripping hazards
  • Avoid downtime: Quickly check battery health and order replacements

Fast, powerful cordless tools

Up to 30% more productivity

Assemble track more efficiently with up to 30% faster trigger time and 30% more work per charge than comparable models.

WATCH: SID 6-22 impact wrench in action

Up to 850 nails per charge

No more drilling and anchoring: Experience faster, easier, battery-powered nailing with up to 850 nails per charge. 

WATCH: BX 3-22 concrete nailer quick-start guide

Up to 10% more torque

Boost installations with a cordless drywall screwdriver that delivers up to 10% more torque, longer run time, and automatic feed options.

SHOP: Configure your own SD 5000-22 drywall driver kit

Up to 3x faster cutting

You could save 12 minutes per hour with a tool that's 20% faster. Want more? This saw cuts up to 3x faster than its predecessors.

WATCH: SC 30WR-22 circular saw quick start guide


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