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Hear how others save time and money with Nuron, a 22V platform for all projects

The drywall installers at Baker Triangle (Texas) say they use a Nuron screwdriver all day long without once changing the battery, which helps keep them productive.

Discover how companies like yours are already benefitting from Nuron.

What do others think of Nuron?

“Far more capable of driving large fasteners than its competition.

“Another example of how Nuron technology is resulting in significantly higher performance. It leaves its predecessor in the dust with far greater speed and torque.”  — Pro Tool Reviews on the SID 6-22 impact driver

WATCH: SID 6-22 impact driver in action

“Man, was I wowed by how much work we got done with one battery.

“It cut all the floor systems, walls, plywood, rafters, and roof sheathing on our 200 sq. ft. barn before the battery needed changing.” — Tool Box Buzz on the SC 30WR-22 circular saw

WATCH: SC 30WR-22 circular saw quick-start guide

“My favorite drywall screw gun just got better.

“No skips, no jams, smooth operation, [and] the best clutch on the market.” — Toolpig on the SD 5000-22 drywall screwdriver

Configure your own SD 5000-22 drywall screwdriver kit

“No matter what we cut, the saw was smooth and powerful.

“If you are using this all day, it’s not going to take a toll on you like other reciprocating saws that produce more vibrations.” — Tools In Action on the SR 6-22 reciprocating saw

WATCH: SR 6-22 reciprocating saw in action


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