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Hilti's innovative solutions

Learn about the jobsite efficiency you and your team could gain through Hilti’s high-performing tools on its all-on-one cordless platform, Nuron. Nuron provides you with information on your tools' battery health, tool usage and location. 

Discover Hilti's ON!Track asset management software and Fieldwire jobsite management software. Help enhance your workflow with better communication and up-to-date information in the office, on the jobsite, or anywhere in between.

Your workflow can be integrated into one cohesive structure, helping save time and labor while reducing the scope of errors when using Hilti's Building Information Modeling (BIM) software.

Featured tools from world of concrete

Worker breaking a concrete wall with the help of the EXO-T

Break through fatigue with elevated performance

Hilti's new EXO-T-22 Tool balancer is powered by the Nuron battery platform. Ergonomically designed and built for heavier demolition work, the EXO-T-22 helps eliminate fatigue and injury risks so you can better optimize labor hours and productivity when using heavy breakers and combi-hammers. With zero gravity handling, tools up to 37 pounds feel nearly weightless.

Hilti prioritizes jobsite simplicity, safety, and productivity so you can better attract and retain top talent while caring for your crew's well-being. Help extend your career and enjoy more time doing what you love, not recovering from work. 

Experience the EXO-T-22 for yourself!

Worker standing on rebar while vibrating concrete without power cords or gas

Vibrate pours more efficiently and comfortably

Help ensure a quality concrete pour every time without the hassle of corded or gas-powered concrete vibration solutions with the Nuron powered NCV 10-22 Concrete vibrator. With lower weight than traditional gas-powered backpack concrete vibrators and the power of Nuron batteries, you get the mobility to maneuver around rebar and formwork in a safer, more productive way. Taking on the toughest jobs like flatwork, deck pours and pre-cast applications, the NCV 10-22 delivers high power from the high cycle motor-in-head design, mobility, and enduring battery life.

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