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Nails & Threaded Studs

See direct fastening nails and threaded studs, engineered for more reliable fastenings to concrete, steel or masonry

Nails for Powder-Actuated Tools
Show me single and collated nails for use with powder-actuated tools – such as the smart DX 5 or the compact DX 2
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Nails for Battery-Actuated Tools
Show me single and collated nails for use with cordless nailers - such as the awarded BX 3
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Nails for Gas-Actuated Tools
Show me collated nails for use with gas nailers - such as GX 3
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Threaded Studs & Standoffs
Show me threaded studs for a wide variety of applications on concrete and steel – such as grating, grounding, light cable trays or multi-purpose fastenings
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Accessories for Threaded Studs
Show me accessories for fixing threaded studs – such as the blunt-tip X-BT or the screw-in stud S-BT
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Fastening to Steel Design Center

Fastening solutions designed to meet the demands of the toughest applications and environments.

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