Modular Support System

A single solution for your installation requirements

Easy-to-design and simple to assemble, Hilti's MT System offers an integrated solution with hardware, software, and services for mechanical, electrical, and industrial support systems.

Whether you're planning MEP installations such as pipe and cable tray supports, or access platforms and integrated floors for energy and industry projects, you’ll only need one versatile, lightweight, and highly efficient MT System.

Modular Support System Applications

Piping supports

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Electrical supports

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Ventilation supports

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3D engineered structures

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Designed to last

Cutting-edge corrosion resistance with zinc magnesium coating

Hilti's MT System is designed to provide optimal corrosion resistance for both indoor and outdoor exposure. For indoor exposure, profiles are Sendzimir galvanized and connectors and baseplates are electro-galvanized. The outdoor solution combines hot-dip galvanized zinc for components such as connectors and baseplates, and zinc magnesium for profiles. Click below to learn more about Hilti's corrosion resistant designs.

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Seamless assembly

Designed to improve productivity, flexibility, and safety

With Hilti's MT System, you can seamlessly and simply combine all of your MEP utilities in a single support structure that has been engineered for optimal efficiency.

Installation of MT components is intuitive and seamless with innovative Twist-Lock connectors that are inserted into the strut channel with a one-handed “push and twist” motion. 

Hilti modular supports can also be precut, kitted, and preassembled on site for faster construction versus traditional welded support systems. Click below to learn more about the benefits of using Hilti's modular supports system vs. traditional welded methods.

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Simplified software

Analyze, design, and model modular support systems with PROFIS MSE

PROFIS MSE is Hilti's next generation Modular Supports engineering platform, which performs customized, code compliant structural design and analysis using the new MT System product portfolio.

Perform structural analysis and engineering in an intuitive yet powerful 3D enviornment with a suite of solutions that integrates into your existing BIM enviornment. Click below to learn more about the benefits and features of PROFIS MSE.

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