Modular Supports Design Center

Products, services, and software solutions for mechanical, electrical, or industrial support systems

  • Adjustable framing system that can be used as pipe or cable tray supports, electrical and instrumentation equipment racks, platforms, shelters, overhead grids, and more
  • Various profile sizes available based on load requirements of specific application
  • Engineering validation software and modeling plug-ins for easier integration into work flow
modular supports design center

Hilti Modular Support Systems vs Welding

Designed to improve productivity, flexibility, and safety

Hilti modular supports can be precut, kitted, and preassembled on site for faster construction versus traditional welded support systems. Plus, Hilti MQ and MI modular components are adjustable on the jobsite to help reduce costly rework associated with welded steel. 

  • Improved productivity due to modular construction
  • Easy onsite adjustments and adaptations
  • Component by component construction reduces heavy lifting
  • No welding or damage of base material

Learn more about the light-duty (MQ) and heavy-duty (MI/MIQ) components that comprise the Hilti modular support systems:

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Hilti Plug-in for 3D Software

Hilti Plug-in for 3D Software

All Hilti components are modeled as assemblies that can be easily integrated into your modeling workflow.

Learn about 3D software plug-in
Profis Installation Software

Profis Installation Software

Help design and validate the structural components of the Hilti modular system and create a custom report or export to your drafting software.

Learn about PROFIS Installation

Project Management Office

For your complex projects, Hilti offers engineering, estimating, tailored logistics solutions and more.

Learn about PMO
Engineering services

Engineering services

Beyond just products, we offer a variety of technical support services in the office and on the jobsite to help you evaluate and specify Hilti products and solutions.

Learn about engineering services

What Customers Say about Hilti Modular Support Systems

We were able to provide a "non-welded" option to our customers and expedite delivery to improve schedule without compromising quality.

"I would like to extend our appreciation for the services and expertise of Hilti regarding structural support systems and helping us create new ways to utilize heavy modular support systems. Hilti was instrumental helping us to specify and design the heavy support system for temporary electrical switch racks and electrical equipment supports. We were able to provide a "non-welded" option to our customers and expedite delivery to improve schedule without compromising quality. Once again we want to thank Hilti for the support and look forward to working with you in the future."

Raymond T. Shrum

President at Amber L.P.

Technical Resources