Cordless Impact Drivers

More Impact on the job

Hilti cordless impact drivers are an ideal solution for a variety of purposes including self-drilling with metal screws, metal stud framing, concrete screw anchoring, and screwing into wood. Our cordless impact drivers deliver outstanding drilling performance atop utility poles, in the wood working shop, framing a high-rise building, and a variety of other concrete, metal, and wood construction applications.

All our cordless impact drivers come fitted with ultra-bright LEDs positioned to provide less shadows around the base material making you more productive in low-lit areas. They also offer the choice between either 2.6 ah or 5.2 ah batteries, the former being lighter weight and the latter providing more power and run time. Regardless of which you choose, all Hilti Lithium Ion batteries come with our Cordless Power Care (CPC) system which features electronic battery management for extra-long lifetime and an impact-resistant battery casing for high drop resistance. 

Testimonials about the cordless impact driver SID 4-A22

Real users talk about the Hilti SID 4-A22 cordless impact driver

Customers like the weight and how it feels in your hands. They say the LEDs lights are very helpful and the battery is powerful enough to last all day and beyond.

Introducing the cordless impact driver SID 4-A22

A brief introduction to the Hilti cordless impact driver SID 4-A22

This improved tool features a more ergonomic design, bright LED lights, a more sensitive trigger, and easier to use chuck.

Cordless impact driver SID 4-A22

Cordless impact driver SID 4-A22

The SID 4-A22 cordless impact driver delivers excellent performance in a compact, lightweight package to get you into tight spaces. It has been designed into an ergonomically streamlined shape and offers four, ultra-bright LEDs positioned around the front of the tool to provide maximum illumination of the base material. The handle and trigger shape gives you more control and improved precision in screw fastening applications. This cordless impact driver delivers a big impact in a small package to keep you going, even when you’re in a tight spot.

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Cordless Impact Driver SID 2-A

Cordless Impact Driver SID 2-A

The Hilti SID 2-A cordless impact driver provides great performance in a lightweight, compact package. This tool was designed for professionals who often work in tight spaces. The SID 2-A is the ideal solution for driving self-drilling metal screws, small diameter concrete screw anchors and wood screws. This impact driver also features ultra-bright LEDs, and batteries that come with State-of-Charge indicators so you will always know how much charge is left to complete your work. It has best-in-class ergonomics, and rubber side contact points for improved ruggedness and protection of the work surface.

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Hilti Tool Warranty

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Hilti cordless hammer drills are covered by our 20/2/1 Tool Warranty which consists of 20 years of repair or replacement of defective parts, 2-year no-cost repair of damage due to wear and tear, and a guaranteed 1-day turn-around on repairs*.

*Some exceptions apply.

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