Firestop engineering judgments made simple

New digital Engineering Judgment process for Firestop applications

Experience an improved digital Engineering Judgment (EJ) process for Firestop applications with the new Hilti Construction platform, including a user-friendly and intuitive interface where you can submit, track, and store your EJ requests.

firestop engineering judgements

Anytime, anywhere access to engineering judgments

Hilti’s new digital EJ process for Firestop applications is a streamlined and self-service way to create a new EJ, submit revisions to previously completed EJs, or connect with Hilti’s Fire Protection Engineering team for additional support. It’s one more way Hilti is there for you, from start to finish.

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Firestop Selector App

Spend less time requesting and managing engineering judgments

It's easy to request an engineering judgment (EJ) on the jobsite, on the road or in the office with the new Firestop Selector mobile app. Get direct access to the Hilti Fire Protection Design Team (FPDT) for a new EJ, an EJ revision, same-as EJ or questions. Like the Hilti Construction Platform, the Firestop Selector app offers EJs for penetrations, joints or perimeter fire barrier (edge of slab) applications with simple drop-down menus for to detail site conditions.

The Firestop Selector app may also be used to track the status of an EJ request or question, or to send and view comments to and from the FPDT. Firestop Selector app users may also upload documents (photos, sketches, drawings) and retrieve the final EJ drawing on the mobile app. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Getting Started

Q: How do I get started with creating an EJ?

A: If you are already registered on Hilti Online, use your existing credentials to log into the Hilti Construction Platform. For non-registered users, see Hilti Online Registration instructions below.

Log into the Hilti Construction Platform

Hilti Online Registration

Q: Do I have to register on Hilti Online to use access the Hilti Construction Platform?

A: Yes.


Q: How do I register on Hilti Online?

A: Click the link below to register using the email address associated with your company’s account.

Register on Hilti Online


Q: Is there a video tutorial of how to register on Hilti Online?

A: Yes.

How to register on Hilti Online

Hilti Construction Platform

Q: Where do I access the Hilti Construction Platform?

A: Once registered on Hilti Online, visit the Hilti Construction Platform to get started.

Log into the Hilti Construction Platform


Q: What can I do on the Hilti Construction Platform?

A: When first accessing the Hilti Construction Platform, you will see three options:

  1. Create a new Engineering Judgment
  2. Revise a previous Engineering Judgment
  3. Send a question to a Hilti Fire Protection Engineer
  4. Access the Firestop Selector