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Designing post-installed rebar using the development and splice provisions of ACI 318 Chapter 12 and Chapter 21 is not the same as designing post-installed rebar using the anchoring provisions of ACI 318 Appendix D. Since the bar is being installed at deeper embedments and being used to develop lengths for seismic design, shear dowels and starter bars as well as tension for compression lap splices, reinforcing bar theory must be applied and adhesive anchor systems must be qualified for recognition and use under the 2015 IBC before being used for reinforcing bar installation.

Rebar Design Center

Hilti has two chemical anchors recognized under the 2015 IBC for designing post-installed reinforcing bars under the development and splice provisions of ACI 318 Chapter 12 and Chapter 21. HIT-RE 500 V3 and HIT-HY 200 adhesive anchors can be used for rebar design and paired with Hilti’s PROFIS Rebar web-based software for quick calculations based on shear friction theory in an intuitive user interface.

Reference the Post-Installed Reinforcing Bar Guide for comprehensive design information on post-installed rebar theory, design and installation. Additionally, you will find ICC ESR-3187 for the HIT-HY 200 hybrid adhesive anchor system and ICC ESR-3814 for the HIT-RE 500 V3 epoxy adhesive anchor system on our Approvals and Reports.

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PROFIS Rebar Design Software

PROFIS Rebar Design Software

Using PROFIS Rebar, our online design tool, you can make quick calculations based on shear friction theory—and arrive at a simple, approved solution for nearly any post-installed rebar application.

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Post-Installed Reinforcing Bar Guide

Post-Installed Reinforcing Bar Guide

Comprehensive information on post-installed rebar theory, design, and installation.

View the Post-Installed Reinforcing Bar Guide
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