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Cordless Rotary Hammers SDS-Max

See Hilti's most powerful cordless SDS Max rotary hammers in the 6+ kg (13+ lbs) weight class, powered by the latest Nuron or 36V batteries

See Hilti's most powerful cordless SDS Max rotary hammers in the 6+ kg (13+ lbs) weight class, powered by the latest Nuron or 36V batteries
TE 50-22 Cordless Rotary Hammer Ultimate class cordless rotary hammer drill with lighter weight, more power and less vibration for drilling and chiseling in concrete
TE 60-22 Cordless rotary hammer Cordless SDS Max (TE-Y) rotary hammer with Active Vibration Reduction and Active Torque Control for heavy-duty concrete drilling and chiseling (Nuron battery platform)

Cordless rotary hammers SDS Max

The heavy-duty power you need – for demolition, drilling and more

Work harder and longer while also helping to reduce fatigue with our high-performing cordless rotary hammers SDS Max. Delivering up to 60% more work per charge on your drilling applications, the Nuron-Powered Rotary Hammers are a top performer on the jobsites, especially when used with our TE-YX drill bits.

Whether you need better performance or a more reliable product, we have what it takes to help get the job done. And with the 22V Nuron cordless platform, you'll experience even more power and runtime.

Advance Accessories

Get more life, output, and efficiency on your jobsites with our chisels and drill bits designed specifically for our cordless rotary hammers SDS Max.

Enhanced performance with our drill bits

TE-YD hollow drill bits

Cleans as you drill for more consistent anchoring

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TE-YX hammer drill bits

Up to 50% faster drilling through the toughest materials

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Get even more with our cordless rotary hammers SDS Max

More flexibility

Match the tool to the task. Drilling through concrete or coring through masonry, cordless rotary hammers SDS Max offer a perfect balance of power and comfort.

More productivity

Lower tool weights, improved ergonomics and features such as Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) and Active Torque Control (ATC) can help you work more comfortable and safer.

More convenience

Add more efficiency to your tool crib by powering all your cordless power tools on a single battery platform – with Nuron you can get even more power than corded, gas or other higher voltage systems. 

Working digging compacted ground with powerful SDS-Max combihammer and clay spade chisel.

Tackle the toughest jobs

When other hammer drills just won't cut it, our cordless rotary hammers will

For work-anywhere flexibility, our cordless rotary hammers SDS Max drill through rebar, remove tiles, cut socket holes in concrete and more – no strings attached. 

If you prefer a heavier-duty corded tool, we offer detachable cords for quick replacement so you don't waste time waiting on repairs. 

Worker drilling in elevator shaft with powerful SDS-Max combihammer, with drop prevention tethering solution and dust removal DRS-D.

Less fatigue, Less Downtime

Superior handling with less vibration and lower risk of kickback

Work more comfortable and safer without the added exhaustion thanks to innovative safety and ergonomic features:

  • Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) – cut tool vibration by up to 2/3 
  • Active Torque Control (ATC) – protect against uncontrollable tool spinning when hidden objects are hit

For even more safety, add our integrated Dust Removal Systems to eliminate virtually all dust while you work. 

Enable OSHA compliance

For a safer, virtually dust-free jobsite, pair with one of our Dust Removal Systems (DRS) or a cordless VC 140-2-22 vacuum cleaner. 

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Control your tool costs

Avoid a large upfront investment and cover all your tool costs for a fixed monthly fee with Hilti Tool Fleet Management.

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