Firestop System Testing

Take confidence in documented, lab-tested performance for thousands of firestop products and systems

Whether your biggest concern is withstanding a potential fire emergency years down the road—or simply complying with current construction codes regarding firestop installation—Hilti offers multiple products and resources to foster confidence.

Our in-house lab conducts firestop testing in accordance with ASTM E814 / UL 1479 for through-penetration firestop systems and ASTM E1966 / UL 2079 for construction-joint firestop systems. That means you can trust the F-rating and T-rating for each Hilti firestop system assembly. Optional tests are also frequently conducted to determine air leakage ratings (L-rating])and water leakage ratings (W-rating) of a firestop system assembly to ensure they meet your requirements.

firestop system testing

Tour the Hilti Western Hemisphere Firestop Testing Facility

hilti firestop testing facility