Power Utilities

Solutions and resources for the power generation, electric & gas transmission and distribution industries

Our dedicated Energy team is eager to be a resource for your organization. We partner with our customers to understand their applications and processes, which allows us to recommend solutions that positively impact employee safety, better system reliability and increased efficiencies in:  

  • Transmission
  • Overhead distribution
  • Underground distribution
  • Substation
  • Electric metering
  • Gas service and metering
  • Gas construction / street
  • Power generation new build and plant maintenance
  • Renewables
power utilities

Connecting the system

Our cordless hydraulic tools are designed to help increase safety and productivity and allow you to:

  • Crimp aluminum and copper conductors
  • Cut aluminum, copper, ACSR conductors and guy wire
  • Punch metal sheets
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Building the system

Hilti offers a comprehensive portfolio of cordless construction tools for building your system and has your key applications covered including, but not limited to:

  • Framing out a wood utility pole
  • Installing underground cable stanchions
  • Drilling point of entry holes
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Grounding the system

For ground rod driving, choose Hilti's TE 60-A cordless hammer drill, concrete breakers and ground rod drivers. 

For grounding lug connections, the S-BT screw-in fastener is specifically engineered for fastening to most standard and high-strength construction steel 1/4" thick or greater without damaging the protective coating of the steel base material. The S-BT minimizes the need for rework of the base steel, saving you time and money. S-BT fasteners can also be used as a standalone solution for fastening junction boxes, switchgear and more.

TE 60-A Cordless hammer drill Breakers and demolition hammers Ground rod drivers S-BT for grounding lug connections

Modular Support Systems

The MT modular system helps you adapt and adjust with ease during the varying field conditions you might encounter and is ideal for:

  • Gas meter pipe supports
  • High voltage cable supports
  • Access and equipment platforms
  • Electrical and instrumentation stands
  • Cable tray supports. 

We also offer engineering design software and specialized logistics services such as cutting, kitting, and preassembly to shorten project installation times.  

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