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Cold-formed steel perimeter wall and curtain wall

Powder-actuated solutions

perimeter wall

Perimeter wall applications and light gauge steel curtain walls are common in steel and concrete structures. Light gauge steel framing and track along the outside perimeter of the building can be fastened directly to steel framing members or concrete slab edges using Hilti powder-actuated fastening solutions.

Hilti offers attachments solutions for track fastening and deflection slip clip connections, also in cooperation with main clip manufacturers.

Furthermore, Hilti powder-actuated fasteners may be used to attach steel track to steel in all Seismic Design Categories (for more details, please refer to ICC-ES reports in Approvals & Reports section).

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Are you concerned with proper fastener installation? What does a proper fastening even look like? Take a look at this video and don’t forget to visit the Product Resource section for additional information. And if what you’re looking for is not there, just contact us: will be more than happy to support you.

Selection Made Easy

Not all nails are created equal

fasteners and boosters for perimeter wall applications

A broad range of nails is available in the marketplace serving different application needs and offering a range of ‘value for money’ solutions. Why do manufacturers like Hilti offer so many different fastener options? Take a look at the Nail Selection Guide: all you need to know to make the right fastener selection.

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Tested Stick Rates for X-U and X-P on Concrete

X-U and X-P stick rates on concrete


  • The chart is based on at least 350 setting tests per nail in the same example concrete through a 16 gauge (1.5mm) sheet steel coupon
  • The stick rate is the ratio of installed fasteners reduced by the number of "no holds", to the total number of installed fasteners in the setting test
  • A no hold is deinfed as a fastener that fails upon installation, and no load can be applied. Detected no holds must be replaced.
  • Due to varying jobsite, base material and installation conditions, the stick rate on a specific project may vary from the indicative numbers above