Engineering Solutions

Leading the way in building better jobsites

For more than seven decades, Hilti engineers and technical specialists have lived at the forefront of construction thinking and practice. Working side-by-side with experts in a wide range of industries, we’ve helped make jobsites safer, more productive and more advanced. Hilti engineering solutions have set the standard for excellence.

engineering solutions

Research and Development

Every Hilti solution you specify is backed by the combined experience and expertise of thousands of technical specialists and researchers. Nearly every day, those experts are hard at work in development and testing centers—located in North America, Europe and Asia. Armed with insights from users in the field, we go the extra mile to make your work easier.

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Safeset Technology

Hilti SafeSet technology helps ensure proper post-installed adhesive and mechanical anchor installation using a reliable, productive, and approved system.

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Seismic Solutions

We’re committed to understanding how fastening systems respond to seismic conditions. Hilti technical specialists investigate product performance in both simulated conditions and in full-scale system tests.

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Healthcare Solutions

Hilti engineering solutions help create safer, healthier, more efficient healthcare facilities. From support structures for overhead medical equipment to dust control and firestop systems, Hilti takes a holistic, life-cycle approach to medical facilities. 

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Solutions for cast-in-place projects

Whether you are running pipes through a slab or anchoring your cable trays, conduits, HVAC ducts, or pipe runs; we provide solutions to increase the productivity and efficiency of your installation process.

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